Thursday, 29 September 2011

Make a Wish - Thank You

Check out my video blog.


  1. I am so proud of you Chelsea - and congratulations on your fund raising day at school I hope we get to raise lots of money to help Make a Wish create magic for someone else too. YOU ROCK HONEY!! XX

  2. are an incredible writer! I love your posts, love swimming, and love George Clooney (he he). And I hope that I can meet you in the spring cause I hope to visit my twin sister Mrs Jane Dodge.

  3. Dear Chelsea,
    I have really enjoyed keeping up with your blog. Your honesty, sincerity and humor make for a great recipe for your writing. I loved the video. Today will be an exciting day to celebrate the Make a Wish foundation and your wish to swim coming true. I wish you a great day and a fun swim. I did not have a red shirt, but I am sporting a red tie.

  4. Chelsea...YOU ROCK! What a great video! And how awesome you looked in the pool! How magical was that??? You are a star. What a terrific day Friday must have been with all the red shirts! I wish I had been there to wear red and celebrate your beautiful wonderful message of hope and humor! I will support Make a Wish and will always remember your fantastic wish come true!

  5. Chelsea, Congratulations on raising so much money for Make a Wish. I've just met your mother last week, and I look forward to meeting you soon. What I've read on your blog so far is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  6. Debbie Seah, Make-A-Wish Foundation CEO3 October 2011 at 23:26

    Hi Chelsea,

    You're so amazing and a true heroine for all of us at Make-A-Wish Foundation. Through the granting of your wish, you have made us feel very privileged to be able to do so and touched our hearts deeply with your gorgeous spirit. We love reading your beautifully written blog too!

  7. Hello Chelsea,

    I've said it to you before, let me say it again, "You are AWESOME!" I shared your story with a fellow educator the other day and it gave me goose bumps just talking about your inspiration and drive to make your wish come true. - Eyes on the prize Chels, eyes on the prize.

  8. Hello Chelsea,

    I am the educator who met Mr. Advento yesterday in Dubai, and heard about your inspiring story.

    As the sponsor of the Kids For Wish Kids club @ The American School of Dubai, I would like to share your story with the students, with your permission. This middle school club is part of the Make A Wish Foundation of the UAE, and I know the kids would be interested in your fascinating website.

    Your paintings using your wheels are wonderful! Where will you display these unique creations? You are also a very thoughtful poet! Your What is a Wish? poem is so touching and sincere.

    I wish you all the best in your future....Keep Holding On.

    Sending warm regards from sunny Dubai,

    Ms. McSherry

    KFWK club sponsor
    LSS Team Leader
    American School of Dubai

  9. I really like your paintings, Chelsea! I saw that you participated in an art auction. Let me know if you ever auction or sell your art work again. I like original art, and I would love to buy a painting for my mother. I think she would be thrilled to have one of your original pieces!! You can e-mail me directly at because I don't check Facebook that often.