Monday, 12 September 2011

My Family: The Soldiers

My family and I are very close. We tell each other everything. But when it comes to showing emotion: never. Ever.  So this is my way of saying, "I love you all." Every person in my family is one of my real life heroes. And here is why.

My sister is my hero because she is compassionate about other peoples needs.

Francesca Fairclough is my happy, annoying little sister. She has had different experiences from most 10-year olds. When my mom, Francesca and I decided to make DC cupcakes, it was my sister who made sure that I was able to see the flour being sifted, the eggs being cracked and milk being poured. She let me taste the batter and she put my hand on the whisk while we stirred the the mixture.   She is the person I bug, when I have no one else to bug. My sister feels - a lot. A bar of chocolate or a piece of warm melted cake could bolt an hour long run of Francesca's "I'm so happy, are you happy?" This shines light on my day. An angel one minute, my sister can also make me want to drive my wheelchair into her and not stop. We can yell about at each other for hours. (It's a blog, it's honest.) I love you Francesca, seriously. I love that you felt while I was in the pool. You are so compassionate. I love that you were right next to me, holding my hand. 

My brother is my hero because he is a mini-version of my dad without the tattoo or the tan.

Zachary Fairclough is my big brother. Zach is the one who helps me with my math homework. When I am stuck on a problem, he will come into my room, like Superman, and say in perfect Singlish, "I heard you have a math problem-lah. Can I help you fix it?" I am grateful every day that he is my brother. Most of his friends are worried about homework, girls and when the next game or movie comes out, but not Zach. He is worried about grades, homework and me. I am grateful for my brother. I love you Zach. 

Daddy is my hero because of the strength and bravery that he shows me.

Stephen Fairclough is MY Daddy. After my stroke, it was hard for me to adjust, especially to the idea of going back to school in a wheelchair. But, my dad encouraged me to go for it, even though I was reluctant. Getting ready and going to school, he pushed me until I could stand on my own six wheels. (My wheelchair has six wheels.) He held my hand while I cried my way through my first nose suction. He is my pusher. He pushes me when he knows I can do something. He pushes me to do it right. When he comes home from a long day of work, he will help me in and out of my chair. He asks me, "Babes, how was your day? What did you do today? What was for lunch?" Once a week, during the summer, my dad would take me to see a movie and then we would eat McDonald's. It was our Tuesday daddy/daughter date. 

Mommy is my hero because of the emotional strength she shows me everyday.

Sandra Fairclough is MY Mommy. She is the person I look to when I want to talk about my fears and bad dreams at 3 O'clock in the morning. She might be sleeping but she will come anyway. When my fears turn to dying, my mom listens and assures me that she will always stay next to me. She is my rock. My constant. My mom fed me Ben and Jerry's Vanilla ice cream while I was in the hospital, read me People Magazine, watched The Devil Wears Prada with me over and over again, and she kissed me on the forehead and hand told me she would have gelato with me after my surgery. When I come home from school and I'm in a crappy mood, my mom is still a happy, chipper mom. Mom, you lift my spirits in every way humanly possible. I know I couldn't have made it through the hospital visits, the shots, the IVs, and anything else without your hand. I love you, Mom. Seriously though, we totally need Ben and Jerry's ice cream to watch the Vampire Diaries with.  

I am saying it proud and loud, I love you all. Thank you for your little quirks. Those quirks always help brighten my day. 


  1. and then there is Chelsea, so strong and yet so vulnerable, so determined and yet so ready to give up (on homework, on people who let her down and on books and TV series that don't have a vampire in them - seriously Chelsea enough with the vampires) My darling girl is beautiful, demanding, mature,frustrating, funny, intuitive, smart, a totally normal teenager who just happens to be wonderfully inspiring as she copes everyday with challenges that none of us can even contemplate. She's my "McTeeney" pumpkin doodle girl and I love her with all my heart X

  2. Chelsea MY Sister I love you with all my heart but please give up the vampires move on... In or out of the pool I always think that you are there with me playing and telling me good things to do. When my dream came true I was in the pool with you again I knew that we can still be the kids that drive our parents crazy by singing in the pool so loud everyone can hear us.
    I love you Chelsea

  3. Hi Chelsea, this is Pat (and Zara)
    Beautifully written and very recognizable how you describe your family:) Keep on writing girl, you;ve got the talent for it!
    Hugs from us

    I am struggling with posting comments so hopefully this one will get to you or the one we send on your swimming adventure

  4. I agree that you should keep on writing, Chelsea. You seem to have real talent!! You look beautiful in the photo as well!

    Stephanie Bush

  5. Chelsea, thank you so much for sharing your profile with the world. You are a very courageous young lady. Thank you for introducing me to your family through your eyes.

    Leanne Fulcher

  6. There is not much to say about your family other than they are amazing and supportive. I think that you are an amazing person, that has accomplished so much in your life! Keep dreaming :)

  7. Hi Chelsea,
    Yes you have a wonderful family and they are simply amazing!

    Hi Sandra and Steph! How are you guys doing?