Friday, 7 October 2011

It's Wheely Art!

Every Wednesday, I paint. I paint with Ms. McFadzen, my fifth grade art teacher. She loves my mess. She says, "If it's not messy, it's not art." Ms. Mac is helping me express myself in another way where people can see what I can do and what I can create, without sympathy for me first. My stage is the canvass. She helps me tiptoe on my wheels and glide my way across my stage.

I paint using my wheels and with brushes attached to my wheelchair foot rest. With a symphony of colors and the lyrics to Glee, I'm in control of the the patterns, all gracefully lunging in and out with blue, red, purple, greens and golds.  When I'm in the art room, I'm just dancing to the music. Somehow I create a different piece of art work. Original.  No one has done it. I sing all of the words to every Glee song.

My painting, I titled "Poseidon". I painted with greens and blues to create the Greek god of the seas kingdom.

Keep Holding On, by Glee, played as I painted. Check out the link.

This is a picture of my  finished piece. 

My latest piece titled "Chaos and Frustration" uses four pieces of canvass and has a secret meaning to it. It was originally a star, and then we separated it to become four pieces. Ms. Mac, I'm creating titles as we write this blog. We can talk about it on Wednesday, but I'm not that good with directions. I'll change if you have a really really good idea though. 

I'm glad to be painting so I can express my more creative side. In the art room, Ms. Mac and I get in the groove. I love dancing with the paint. I don't really know what's going to come out on the canvass, but I let my wheels do the turns for me.