Thursday, 17 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

I'm dying to see the new Twilight movie. It's going to be awesome. I'm going to see the movie with my dad, sister, and Pat, my helper. We're out of school next Thursday for Thanksgiving, so my dad is going to take us then. Hopefully. My dad has taken me to see the first three movies. We saw the first movie three times. My sister wants to come because apparently, she knows all about it. I want to go because it is about vampires. Awesome. I really like to over think what the characters are doing while I watch the movie, and I like to compare the movie with the book. For example, in Eclipse, Bella is conflicted with the choice of immortality or love. She wants to be a vampire, but she also wants Edward to support her decision. She chooses love over immortality.  I also like to compare the movie with the book. New Moon - the book - was boring, dull and emotional torture. They portrayed that really well in the movie.

Hopefully, this movie will stick to the basis of the book: Edward and Bella get married, they go on a honey moon, then she is pregnant. Everyone wants her to get rid of the baby, except for the girls in the Cullen family.  I also hope the movie doesn't overplay the simplicity of the book. I hope they don't make the scenes too much. I hope in the fight scenes, they don't lose me.

I'm also going to be saying every word, because I have the book memorized.

Enjoy the trailer.

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  1. Thanks Chelsea, Your post reminded me that I never finished reading the last Twilight book! I better do that soon before I go see the movie. Let me know how you like the movie.