Thursday, 23 February 2012

The PTA County Fair

       The PTA County Fair is tomorrow and I am nervous. I’ve never really shown my paintings on this big of a scale before. I have always just painted for fun. Will anyone like it? Will anyone bid? Who will eventually buy it? If someone buys it I will feel relieved and also scared because it means they have part of me. I put everything into my paintings.  If someone doesn’t bid I’ll be disappointed because it took a lot of effort to make the painting look the way it does.

       If you are interested in one of my paintings or many of my paintings here are some of the pictures from my collection so far. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Why I Paint.

Painting is helping me express myself through colors.  I paint every Wednesday with Ms. McFadzen in her classroom.  We put tape underneath my wheelchair foot plate so that I have three wide brushes, as well as my wheels, to glide through paint that is on the canvas taped to the floor. Then, I glide through the paint and ask Ms. Mac to change the colors when I see that the canvas whispers a different color.  Painting makes me feel whole again even though I am painting with a chair.
I used to dance whenever I heard an awesome song, anywhere. I still dance. I dance in the car, in the mall, in my bedroom. When I paint, I let loose and let the music take over. When I paint, I get to be a dancer again and show movement and feelings through my colors and patterns.
I’ve never been to middle school art class. While other kids take art, I’ve always taken languages. I’ve always secretly wanted to do art to make a big mess. This is what I do now. I make a huge, gigantic masterpiece mess on the floor. Art is so fun and easy. I love I can’t make a mistake. There are no wrong movements or rules. It’s just me, Ms. Mac, the music, and a blank sheet of canvas. It is like the art room is a pure space. If I’m having a bad day, or week, I can go and paint and I feel happy. I leave the art room more awesome than I came in it.
I’ve always liked being in the spotlight. Whether it is singing or dancing, or even making a big fool out of myself, the feeling of being on the stage stays the same. For now, the art room is my stage and painting is how I perform. Performing give me adrenaline and excitement.  It makes me smile because I know that I am going to paint a beautiful masterpiece of my own creation.
The County Fair is coming up and I am very excited because I donated one of my pieces to the PTA. I encourage you to bid on my painting so that I know that I am going in the right direction with my art work. 

Friday, 10 February 2012


I'm FAMOUS! The London Olympics might put my blog on their website! And I am SUPER EXCITED! This means I will blog more and post more of my art adventures.

Stay tuned.

More Wheely Art

If you are interested... buy one of my paintings at the County Fair at Singapore American School. My paintings will be in the silent auction as long as possible. The money raised will go to the Make a Wish Foundation. Stay tuned. We're trying to upload another Wheely Art video.

Growing Up

Growing up isn't the easiest thing in the world, for anyone. It is also the hardest thing I have to do. Because I want to be an independent teenager and I have to learn to step back and let other people do stuff for me too. The problem is, I started this when I was nine. Others start "growing up" once they get to middle school. It's different for me. It is different because I have to move forward from a hospital bed and move on. Growing up is hard because in school, I'm not really sure how to fit in, I don’t like to talk about my issues with anyone but my family, and I complain a lot.
          I don't fit in. School is school but often, I just go through the motions. I try to be the same person who I was before the accident. My wheelchair can sometimes be a wall. Even though some kids say hi to me and I smile back, sometimes the wheelchair prevents any further conversation. It just gets in the way physically, like one of those bulky transformer action figures. Also, talking is such a physical act with kids. If I'm talking to one of my friends, I block four lockers just to talk to them. Sometimes though I choose not to talk to friends, I can be antisocial. I should try and be more social. I really should invite more friends over to my house and do things with them;
activities or something. I should invite more friends to eat lunch with me. I should hang out with friends more during break. Maybe I could decorate my wheelchair with different kinds of paint. (I paint on Wednesday afternoons. It’s awesome.)
          Growing up is also hard for me because I don’t like to talk about my issues with anyone but my family. My family is an unbiased audience. I talk about things with my 10-year old sister, or my parents, who are old, but not with kids at school. I hear kids at school talking about their problems and I wish I could too. Their problems are “so-and-so didn’t invite me to hang out” when my problems are “my ventilator is out of battery”. I don’t want to talk to them about my “problems” because mine are not so easy to fix.  But, I should confide in my friends and tell them how I am feeling; my ventilator or my argument with my little sister. My friends would care and listen because they do care about me.
          Growing up can also be hard for me because I complain A LOT. I’m 13. I complain. Sometimes I really act like a little kid when I’m supposed to be acting mature. Any teenager does this, but me, I feel like I’m held to a different standard. I’m supposed to be respectful and mature no matter what. I need to not complain as much. I should vent together my friends and then I’d feel much better. Really, I just shouldn’t complain. As if.
          In the end, growing up is hard for everybody, not just me. I guess I am a bit melodramatic. But, what kid isn’t. Just ask my brother.