Wednesday, 7 March 2012

AH! I'm Grumpy this Week.

So frustrated this week. Everything. First, I’m frustrated with my sister. She is so moody and hormonal sometimes. Last night, she made sarcastic remarks but really she was being rude to my mom. I’m frustrated with the fact that my dad is working and I haven’t seen him all week. I see him in the mornings but that’s it. I’m frustrated with Zach leaving for China. He doesn’t even speak Chinese! I’m also jealous because he went, and left me behind. Frustrated with mom because she is doing SUCH an awesome job on the brochures but I also want her helping me. I know that the brochure is important; I just miss her too. However, if she were not doing it, I’d bug her to get it done. I’m just grumpy this week. I’ve fought with Pat over my homework and said some not nice things. I apologized and we’re okay but I need to play it right this week. I am frustrated with my grades at the moment. I’m struggling to catch up from my absence. I just feel like when I am absent I miss something very important. Like, on Tuesday I was absent and I missed a Chinese reading comprehension test and now I’m lost. In science, I don’t understand the formula. I’m just frustrated. I need to sleep. I need to relax and to find a source of relief – like when you are in anger management they give you a rubber band to snap – I need a rubber band to snap. Painting helps me release and so does driving my wheelchair fast.

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