Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fault in Our Stars

This week I finished the latest John Green book The Fault in Our Stars, an inspiring story of finding true love while fighting cancer. The protagonist, Hazel Grace, has never opened herself up to the outside world until she meets Augustus Waters. They fall in love with each other as quickly as she breathes. Their relationship is ironically almost one of soul mates because neither one really believes in the idea of soul mates. They end up finding each other and they are each other’s miracles.

            I love the way John Green portrayed a realistic take on what people with a medical condition feel on a daily basis. Green demonstrated that with Hazel Grace’s ability to face death and realistic vulnerability towards life, she feels like she is a grenade - the more she opens herself up to people the more people she will hurt when she dies. 

Feeling of being a “side effect” and saying your disease is how people will remember you,  really made me think about how people will remember me. I’ve thought about it. Thought about, making my grenade smaller so that I don’t hurt anyone. I’ve thought about what happens when I get sick, or something.  But then I think “I have to move on”. What doesn’t “kill me, makes me stronger.” And I believe someday someone somewhere will come up with something that will heal “everyone”.  So I just stay positive and awesome. 

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