Friday, 16 March 2012


The Dreamcatchers visit Google
Yesterday I went to Google headquarters in Singapore. I was very impressed with the way the office space looks so modern and cool and young.  They had a karaoke machine, a wii. Almost one of their two floors was a massage, game and food center. It had some meeting areas but not a lot. I went to Google with a group of special people from National University Hospital Singapore, the Dreamcatchers Group - who are all kids with chronic or terminal illnesses, and of course my sister and Pat.

Learning about Google Earth & Maps

We went on a tour of the offices and we listened to some people talk about their journey to Google.  As well as , we had some one-on-one time with a Google employee who explained everything and answered any questions or things we wanted to know how to do. I was invited through my hospital team who recommended me be part of Dreamcatchers because of Make a Wish.

I learned that you have to be extremely qualified  to even get an application at Google. You have to have work experience. You have to have organization. You have to be a leader. And you have to have a college degree to work at Google. All of that plus good grades. Um, be active in school activities and you have to show initiative even in high school AND college.

It was interesting not sure I would even get an interview with them though!

Thanks to everyone at Google Singapore for a great day.

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