Thursday, 1 March 2012

Painting with Zach

Zach Helping Me - so awesome!

I really like the last painting I did on Wednesday, since my brother helped – Zachary never helps – I felt really happy.  

And, you know, creative? 

It was  just awesome. 

I decided I was doing something brown and proceeded from there into an orangy brown base. And then I realized something was missing. So, I put some black on the left and right hand side in a straight line so that it created a border – almost. 

We added some copper and metallic which added some more depth to the orange and brown making it “pop” more. We added a pillar type “thing” to it and two black pillars by accident. It ended up looking really cool. 

In the end, it looked like a battlefield. I don’t know if that was because of the buttons we placed underneath the canvas or because of the color selection. Or, maybe it was Zach’s Nirvana-type music. 

He wanted me to paint a smiley face in honor of the Nirvana buttons he had brought back from Delhi.How my brother went to India and only brought back Nirvana buttons I have no idea.   

The painting ended up being incredibly, superbly, fantastically AWESOME!!!!

I feel awesome too! (Big Smile.) 

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