Friday, 13 April 2012

Driving Inspiration Mandeville (Music Response)

This musical piece was inspired by the Paralympic games and their values. Inspired by what would be going through a Paralympian's head, and how they might be feeling, the music expresses fear, determination, and perseverance.  I was asked to respond to this piece of music and blog about how it makes me feel and what it means to me. I will paint to this music next week. 

The composers who did this have merged lots of genres and instruments together. This reflects the different perspectives from the different people coming together from all around the world to compete in these wonderful games. At first I think it is bold. The way the strings and piano complement each other and create sort-of a image of preparation. It transitions into a classic rock sound with the guitar. And then when we hear the guitars, I feel like I'm ready. Next I hear a tick/tock, running or wheeling. It's saying fight for it. It's a heartbeat of a fighter who is ready to compete for a gold. 

The kids who did this are awesome. 

Now I feel this next piece of the music is like early morning again, trying to figure out the game plan. It's  motivating and convincing the Paralympians to try their best and forget the weight on their shoulders. Now I hear the finish line. I can see it, but can they make it? There is weight on their shoulders - disappointment if they don't finish, greatness if they do. Now I hear the calm, a light flute. They've already won.

Please listen to the video. For more information on the composers and the school, click the link below. 

Information about the Mandeville Legacy (The birthplace of the Paralympics)

Official site of the Paralympic Committee
Official Site of the 2012 London Paralympic Games

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  1. Very proud that you were asked to do this and I love what you have written about the music - can't wait to see the painting... Mom X