Thursday, 19 April 2012

Painting Mandeville Paralympic Piece

 Yesterday was a crazy day for painting. I did four paintings and one of them was the Mandeville Paralympic piece. The theme of the painting was RED so no matter what, the pieces had a hint of red, but it was mostly pink. I started out with a red-pink swirl of paint. This represents the red in the Olympic logo. To me this symbolizes the finish line. I start with the finish line because that's what I imagine first. I imagine reaching the finish. The rest, the other colours, are the journey to get there. Then I waited a while.

The red paint was drying so if I went over the red with other colours, a hint of red or pink would still be visible. Then, once the paint dried, my brother and I decided the concept would be vibrant flash colours and black arches in the corner of the painting. This was because we wanted it to feel like the Olympic rings. First I painted with yellow. And getting me to hit the target, without ruining it, seems virtually impossible. It took me over fifteen minutes just to hit the corner with the yellow. You can see this in the picture.

Then I used the lavender. The lavender seems like a good contrast. To me, the lavender symbolizes peace. I feel like the lavender shows peace of mind. A Paralympian is confident about what they are about to do. Then we moved to blue. We used a vibrant blue to symbolize youth in the games. It also can tie back to the Mandeville music because of the various genres and instruments merged together.

Then I finally used the black. The black was the hard core dedication and the strength that is required of the Paralympians, any athlete, and any person who faces a challenge.

I love this piece. It fits with my feelings at the moment.

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