Monday, 27 August 2012

I'm Back!

It's been a long time but I am finally back at blogging again.  Since my last post I've enjoyed an art exhibition (by me), seventy day summer vacation, meeting new people and teachers that will help me for the next four years of high school.  I am a freshman this year which is great because I don't see my sister often but I see my brother.  Which makes me smile and laugh.  It's the first time I'm in the same school as him.  Being two years older has it's bonuses.  But he's really nice to me when he sees me which is a very big surprise but a very good one.

New school year, new teachers, new workload YEAH.  School has changed from 8th to 9th grade.  You get a real kick in the ass the first day/year!  In high school it feels like everyday is a week.  There are so many highs but the same amount of lows.  My school subjects are: World History, Biology, Algebra, English, English Lab, Concert Choir and Spanish II.  And for the first time a free period.  The first day was the worst.  I had every class and very limited breaks between.  It picked up the rest of the week getting better and better each day, getting easier.  Until I finally got a weekend, then school faded and summer habits kicked in.  When I am back in school I fall into a routine and the weekend disrupts it.

So far it's my 10th day and I'm finally OK again with school, I guess I need a weekend to remind me to forget.  The homework is a lot but the time gives me the illusion that it's just enough.  So far my least favorite subjects are: World History, sorry Mr. Burnett but you give too much homework.  Concert choir, they take it too seriously.  Biology is not so bad.  English is a mix between good and bad, I can't decide if I like it or not.  Algebra is Algebra, I mean who really likes math class?  I guess it would be the geeks that became/become math teachers.  Spanish II is awesome, Mr. Norman combines the old and new ways and still teaches in a fun, unique way.  I guess I have my brother to thank for that.  English Lab is awesome too because I get time to learn more ways to pass time and be smarter in English and World History.

My family has become my worst nightmare.  My sister was a perfectly sweet/little devil of my life.  She was.  Now all I hear are exaggerations of how hard 6th grade is.  Seriously, Fran we have been in 6th grade and we all survived stop being a drama queen!  Summer is my mom's worst nightmare because everywhere she looks theres a little present from my dog who has become my best friend.  My dad and mom are working hard but still have time to take me on little adventures during summer and long weekends.  My brother is in love for the first time and I am supportive and that is new.

I am thinking about restarting art again since I took a break when school ended last year.  I haven't been painting much but I still want to paint.  I just don't know what to paint.  It lost it's fun.  But that is going to change once I get around to it.

 High school changes people and it's changing me.  While I don't see my friends that much I'm hoping I can still reach them through my blog.  The summer changes people good thing it's not summer anymore.  Please, please, please, please, please, send me an email or request or just want to talk to me at

 I do not check my facebook so email me if it's important or funny or if it's just to say hi.  I will say hi back.  I hated summer but I loved summer, I can say the same thing about school, I love being back but I hate the consequences of coming back.

Until next time, see ya wouldn't want to be ya.