Monday, 24 September 2012


When experiencing holiday's, vacations and long weekends one must never forget their siblings.  After all, siblings either ruin everything or inspire everything.  Every person has a different opinion on their siblings except adults because they go "back when I was a kid...".  Seriously everybody had different siblings and I will give you the low down on mine.  Ok, younger siblings are the suck ups and trouble makers.  They can surprise you but they do it rarely.  Older siblings have quite the opposite effect.  Maybe it has something to do with age or maturity?  I don't know.  Older siblings are reliable and still act like younger siblings but also encourage you to be a better you.  I have two siblings one is older, one is younger and then there is me.

Francesca doesn't know when to stop being a kid and start being a grown up.  She needs to learn how to take responsibility and own up to her mistakes.  We fight as often as the ocean has a new set of waves, if you don't speak metaphor the answer is a lot of times.  We never stop.  But maybe that's a girl thing?  My brother and I never used to fight like me and her do.  I guess she just gets on my nerves so much that I blog about her almost every week, oops.  But in the end we are always besties.  I know she always has my back and then she will be there when I need her.  And that does not mean that it is cool when I get frustrated with her and she acts like the older sister.  In her mind some times I am not the older sister.  But she's always my younger sister.  Always.

Zachary is the opposite of Francesca.  He is my giant.  He does know when to be a grown up but does not know when to be a kid.  He cannot enjoy the simple things but that could be because he is a high schooler.  We are growing close and yet apart.  The more I grow close to Zach the more I drift from Fran.  I feel like you can't be both.  You can't choose Francesca and then choose Zachary.  I bet I know when I need him for advice or a killer soundtrack, he'll always come through.

So that's my weekly dish.  Especially since last weekend there was a drama between the two and a referee was called in and it wasn't me.  Check out my "Wheely Art" link and comment on the awesome video and art.

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  1. Chels - I love reading your blog posts. This one especially caught my attention. As parents we desperately hope that all of our children will get along and love each other - an ideal world. We know this exists only in a theoretical ideal world. But we keep hoping. Your admiration for your brother shines! His love will remain with you always - even as he seemingly starts drifting away in his high school years. Always. Your little sister also loves you dearly, Chels, but as with any younger sibling she gets on your last nerve! As time goes on and she matures you'll see this love shine through. They are both amazing siblings. I know this to be true. And of course, we know just how amazing you are too! Be patient, my love, be patient. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all!