Monday, 1 October 2012

Entertainment. Gift or Curse?

I indulge in every bit of entertainment from watching something to reading a book for the whole day.  Either way I go, I always take it to the "extreme".  I guess that's my curse.  Whenever I have a temptation to watch a lot of tv I always end up getting yelled at for watching too much.  I would sit or lay in my bed and just read or watch from the minute I wake up until around 7 or 6 ish. That is on average over 10 or 11 hours every Sunday and big school break.  But I could never read or watch anything that is purely educational.  I think I would fall asleep faster than the title sequence would begin.  I suck at staying awake during those bits of boredom.  So I normally go to my "big extremes".  

My sister has now adopted my healthy habit.  But instead of reading its watching tv to going on her computer to going on her iphone.  I think I would break it so many times that there would be nothing left, not even a memory card.  It is driving me insane.  Every stupid second all I can see is her on her laptop or iphone or watching a tv.  I think to myself in that moment "she is my karma".   She is the personification of my parent's feelings when I go to my "extremes".  I understand but I'm still not going to change.  

Somehow my sister has figured out a way to take my "extremes" and make them more extreme.  If she goes on her laptop, it's like her laptop is her baby, she can't live without it.  If she is on her iphone, then we have to break it for her to realize she is on it too much.  If she is watching tv she mimics a character's personality and/or attitude as well as the catch phrase.  At the moment, she's in love with the tv show Awkward.  When I find the person who created this show I will sincerely thank him for ruining my life.  

Even though I have "extremes" I know what's good for me and what I need to do.  I don't really get much of a chance to have my own independence about what I do.  So whenever I go to my "extremes" I do it because it is the only way I'm doing something for me and not caring about the consequences.  I love to read. I love to watch tv and movies.  But I also love my family for some unforeseeable reason.  So whenever they say I am taking it too far I usually listen.  Usually.  

Until next time, ta ta.

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