Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Vacation Hangover

Everyone experiences a vacation hangover.  
me relaxing in bed at Christmas

If you think I am making this up go on a vacation for four weeks and then come back to school for a full week and  have five day's of work and pain.

For me it is even harder because I have spent the previous four weeks in my bed relaxing, reading, sleeping and not going in my chaaaaaaaaaaiiiiirrrrrrr.

the chair nightmare is even worse
when they make adjustments or changes 
And now I am back in my chair for 10 hours every single day except for weekends.  Weekends are now the only slight chance of a holiday.  But unfortunately they now feel ridiculously stupid instead of happy and fun.

 I will seriously spend my entire weekend in my bedroom.

Hopefully in my bed, hopefully unconscious.

My wheelchair does not exist during a weekend and until it does.

Ta, Ta

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