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Summer Watch List - TV Marathons

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First things first,  which shows will we revisit this summer?  
With school done for the year and all the best US prime time shows on hiatus, my mom and I have time to revisit some old favorites and the opportunity to give others a second chance. We have 10 weeks and an enormous  DVD /download library to chose from.  The key rule from mom is that not every show can be about vampires, zombies or dead people and my rule is that she can't complain about my choices. It's summer so nothing too challenging or intellectual (so that means no BBC or anything from the UK) just sheer guilty pleasures all the way.

Agreed Must Watch of the Summer:

The Vampire Diaries 
yet again, but this, the most important marathon, has been reserved for the " before I go back to school treat" (so check back in August for this one) We are definitely team Damon, who my mom says even makes having a teenage daughter worthwhile - the season 5 trailer explains it all:

So our Must Watch List:
lost-girl-poster1:  Lost Girl 
Lost Girl focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo, a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of humans, sometimes with fatal results. (more on IMDB)
There are 3 seasons for me to convert mom to this one, but don't hold your breath.
brothers and sisters2:  Brothers and Sisters
Never has a family been better looking, drank more red wine without ever getting drunk or had more dark and twisty secrets. Love all of the Walkers especially Scotty and Kevin and any series with Rob Lowe in it...
5 seasons for both of us to enjoy
newsroom3:   The Newsroom
A repeat marathon in prep for the second series which must start soon. (July 14th by all accounts) and the quality entry on the list. 
again, and just for my mom, her Aaron Sorkin fix.  (Now that she doesn't drive us to school there are no more daily West Wing moments -  still the best TV show ever - no discussion needed)
bones_tv4:  Bones
Lots of dead people and often really gruesome bodies with lots of creepy crawlies and maggots (I hate maggots almost as much as cockroaches) but the Booth and Brennan banter provides some balance.  Chelsea loves the science and the human side of Bones and is fascinated by the characters. (season 3 is her favorite)
8 seasons, my guess is that we will skip and fast forward through most of them
5: Private Practice
220px-PrivatePractice_S1We love Greys  (still) , and liked Addison and Charlotte almost as much as Christina and Meredith. Private Practice seems a long time gone so we clearly need to revisit Seaside Wellness or whatever they ended up calling it. Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) needs to be back on TV in something - loved her when she was pregnant with the triplets.
5 1/2 seasons with some Greys crossovers including the "neuro cystopsychosis"   in Before and After (2009)
With McVet (O'Donnell) in one of the lead roles I guess we were predisposed to like this and by season 10, and the endless reruns on TV - it's on at least one channel every time you turn on TV here, now even I like the original  NCIS.  Genuinely surprised that this made this list, but they do have Hettie who we love...and they are very good and believable runners unlike other shows we could mention.
4 seasons will be hard going
So that's about 450 hours of TV.  At least 6 hours of viewing a day . We are definitely going to have to skip some episodes and fast forward thru the boring bits.
and we will need a lot of popcorn!
So what about you - what's on your summer watching list?

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