Thursday, 22 August 2013

Making a Comeback!

Summer went by like a fly.  Summer went by so fast it was hard to tell which day was which and how many days were left.  But when the real summer stopped and the nightmare of school began it was harder than ever. 

 Last summer I never went in my chair unless I absolutely had to for Dr. visits or for exercise other than that I stayed in my bed and read book or watched TV or movies.  I forgot about school and days and I forgot about what my normal routine is.  But now I am back at school and things are good and bad and things are really bad.  But at school you always have the good the bad and the ugly.  

The good this year coming back is getting to see my brother more because it is his last year in high school.  Ms. Fabian's pregnant which means it is fun watching her cope with pregnancy and it's really fun trying to help her get through pregnancy.  I get to spend more quality time with my sister this year, however it's spent.  I have good teachers this year and some good courses and some I wish to bury for all eternity.  I have good books and good TV so when I am not trying to study I can always do that or do some art with Ms. Mac, hopefully starting next week.  

The bad is that the subjects are getting harder and because of my summer routine, I am tired in most of my classes.  Subjects that I am not liking so far are mainly History and Math.  I am tolerating chemistry and today a friend and I made a little skit about how we might blow up the Chemistry labs simultaneously so that no other student, including us, would have to tolerate Chemistry.  However, the subject is easier for me than others which means its not so bad, it just takes getting used to and adjusting to the style of the teaching and work.  

The ugly this year is that my brother is going off to college next year which means that he is leaving me all alone to fend for myself.  He made a promise that he wouldn't let me be alone and I feel like he is breaking that promise.  Google education is driving me nuts because it is so unaccessible on PC's and when I do my homework at home I use my Mom's computer which means that its hard to do homework at home, making it so much harder at school.  I feel like homework is becoming more of an abomination every time I get an assignment because now homework isn't graded which means that I don't have the opportunity to get feedback from teachers on what I am doing wrong and how to fix it.   

I'm just hoping everything gets easier.  I just wanted an easy year and nothing about it is easy anymore and it's only the second week.  And some people could use that against me but to me if this is what sophomore year is going to be like then it's going to be harder and harder everyday.  I need a break from having a break.  I need time to adjust to what the school year is going to be like, classes, teachers and tools.  Except for one thing, I am so impatient that it would even shock you to know that I am 15.  You would think that I am a newborn with how impatient I am.  

Until I have more news to discuss, 

ta ta


  1. Hi Chelsea, it's me, Kelvin.

    It sounds like the subjects in school are giving you some problems and you feel a little stressed about them sometimes. I wasn't the best student in high school, so I probably won't be able to help much - especially since I failed chemistry and never really did history!

    but there is so much more to school than just the subjects and grades. To me, I always looked forward to learning new things and just being with friends and people. :) There is so much to learn about life just by being around people and observing them sometimes.

    Hoping you have a great term at school and that summer will come by again soon enough!


    1. thanks for the support Kelvin and for understanding . Some days are harder than others. Take Care

  2. Im so sorry to hear you are having a hard time now that summer is over. Getting back into the rhythm of routines and schedules sounds like a nightmare! I hope your sophomore year has gotten better since you posted this, and good for you for doing well in your chemistry class. I'm struggling to say the least.

    PS. Even though I don't know you personally, I am truly inspired by your story and your extraordinary willpower. You should be proud to be touching the lives of everyone around you.

  3. You showed us that just because you might be disabled that doesn't mean you're not able to do something else. Flynn

    I think you're a really good artist. Holly

    Thank you for helping us make our quilt. Nathan S.

    Nothing can stop you, Chelsea! Lexi

    I think you will make a great art therapist. Ella

    Thank you for coming to our art class and making it fun for us. Warner

    Chelsea's awesome! Elle

    Thank you for showing us how you paint. Keith

    Thank you for your awesome painting to make our quilt look amazing! Laila

    Thank you for painting with us. Coby

    I loved seeing you create a work of beauty. You are as beautiful as your creations, both inside and out. It will be great fun to share our finished quilt with you! Mrs. Dodge