Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Finding Inspiration

I am inspired by lots of different people that I know and read about. Recently I have started to get into Dancing with the Stars again.  If you don't know the show it is the perfect combination of many of my favorite things. There's Music, Competition, Celebrities, Dancing and lots and lots of Drama.

I was watching some of the old dances on YouTube, and was blown away by one of the contestants from Season 18 in 2014. Amy Purdy is a Paralympic Snowboarder and absolutely amazing dancer, which would be inspiring enough, but she is also a double amputee.

I have read a lot about service men and women who have lost limbs and their stories are without exception tragic and inspirational,  but Amy's story is different. At the age of 19, she contracted a virulent form of bacterial meningitis and within a matter of days went into septic shock causing her to have both legs amputated, both her kidneys failed and she lost her spleen. The doctors gave her only a 2% chance of survival,

Less than a year later she won her first snowboarding championship on a set of new prosthetic legs and since then she has never stopped breaking records and showing just what is possible when you are determined and committed to achieving a goal. She won a bronze medal in Russia at the paralympic snowboarding, she's founded a non profit and been in movies and even a Madonna video!

But to be truly inspired what the videos below and you will get a real sense of her story and then see her dance. One of the most amazing and inspiring women I have ever seen.

She takes my breath away and makes me want to be more, and do more.

Thanks Amy